Feeling fear around not enough Food

Could you please look at the models below and give me your feedback.

Unintentional Model
C: Eating just enough to fuel my hunger (so eating what I have portioned on my plate)
T: Will I still be hungry and what will I do then
F: Fear, scarcity, deprived
A: Eat more than necessary. Not listen to my real cues of hunger, so eating more than necessary so I don’t feel hungry and it can take me to my next meal. Drinking my cup of tea out of habit rather even if I don’t really feel like it.
R: Weight gain, or yo-yo eating (more one day less the other to compensate), feeling too full, sluggish, poor digestion, so much left undone,,, ie Not fueling my hunger with my real needs like gardening, house work and growing my coaching business

Intentional Model:

C: Eating just enough to fuel my hunger
T: Hunger is a signal and can I stop and check in now to see when did I last eat and what did I eat, Can I experiment with smaller portions and reassure myself I have eaten enough and all is well. There is plenty of food on my body to serve me well already. I will look at my list of things that feed me and I can give my loving attention too, like our home, garden, and my coaching business. I am learning to take great care of myself by fueling my true hunger.
F: Trust that all is well and I am empowered to try something different.
A: I start practicing the habit of fueling myself with just what I need and learning that food is only one source of nourishment.
R: I feel stronger and more vital because my digestion improves. I gain more clarity and feel calm and grounded with food the more I practice this. I start showing up to things that need my attention and will make me feel more fulfilled, our home/family, garden and my coaching business. Bonus plan I will lose weight too !!