Feeling Fear, Dread and Helplessness When Things Aren’t Going How I Planned

I’m a business owner and I’m facing a few challenges: lower than forecasted Q1 sales and some things to work out with a couple of team members.

In my rational state, I can fully appreciate that both of these items are a neutral C:

C: January sales 75% of forecast
T: We’ve identified the cause and undertaken action to fix
F: focused
A: show up for my team with encouragement, more creative and fresh ideas
R: we work together to grow sales

But in the middle of the night, or in the middle of the afternoon, I am struck with a primal fear and a dread that makes my stomach clench. It’s not rational. It’s the “freeze” part of fight, flight or freeze.

C: January sales 75% of forecast
T: We’re screwed
F: terrified
A: avoid my team, numb out, take no action, up in the middle of the night
R: I’m exhausted, I’ve taken no action and still terrified

That thought then becomes my C with this model:

C: I think “We’re screwed”
T: Just put your head down and wait for it to pass
F: helpless
A: more numbing behaviour, more avoidance
R: I become even more helpless

The problem is that the feelings of terrified, helplessness, dread and fear hit me like a truck and I’m stopped in my tracks, my breath is constricted and I have tight, helpless tears. This is not how I want to show up!! I feel that after so many years in business, I *should* be better than this! I *should* be able to roll with it. After all, my mission this year is to create massive results with ease and self-love….so am I living the mission or not?!

I guess the challenge is:

C: Feel fear, dread, helplessness and tell myself I should be bigger than this
T: I’m defective
F: hopeless
A: I resist the feelings, I judge the feelings, I talk about the feelings with my husband
R: The feelings are still there and now I hate myself and my business even more

I’d appreciate any advice on how to break the cycle and do better. Thanks.