Feeling feelings vs getting hurt

I have been looking for the short video on being unhurtable but could not find it. It showed up on facebook the other day (:))

Could you let me know where it is?

so, I had an experience today where I was trying to help a friend of mine with some bureaucracy. He can be very impatient and abrupt and dismissive esp when it does not work out the first time (computerized expense reports)
He did not let me finish helping him and he got someone else to help him
Historically I was very hurtable by him.
Today I reminded myself that I was unhurtable but the feelings still hit my gut and my chest.
Does this mean I am to allow these feelings to take their course, but to reframe them as vibrations in my body as opposed to being hurt by my friend?
How do you deal with a friend who has outbursts and drama and a somewhat predictable difficult demeanor when he gets aggravated.

I tried to find a model

c- abrupt impatient behavior from a friend
t- friend is engaging in abrupt behavior, and that’s OK, it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with him
f- calmer, acceptance, but still feel the heat in my gut
a- go do something nice for myself
r-detached in a good way

c- abrupt behavior from friend causes painful feelings
t- its OK that I have feelings, they are just vibrations in my body, I will relax into them, I am unhurtable
f- vibrations
a- go about my day, choose to relax to help myself feel better, get a mani pedi
r- sanity, nice nails

thank you