Feeling feelings vs. Indulgent emotions

I’m going through a period of grief that includes sadness and other emotions, too (apathy, fatigue, irritability, impatience, confusion). I was prepared for sadness and find it an easier emotion to process. The others, I find that I’m resisting intentionally or unintentionally. I find them confusing and so I try to figure out where they’re coming from, so that I can “solve” them, but this is leaving me feeling adrift and uncertain. I think my question is about how to use thought work for these other emotions. These feelings aren’t like a moment of sadness that comes and passes. They are more persistent and feel heavy, so feeling them seems more than just a momentary processing. It’s like a constant processing, which is emotionally and physically tiring. I don’t know whether to just them be and wait for them to pass or use thought work to change them.