Feeling Frazzled

I have been feeling super frazzled, scattered, and easily distracted the last few weeks. I’ve done the following model and hoping you can help me with it.

C: Life – work – business
T: I feel so frazzled and scattered
F: Unfocused, frazzled, scattered, burnt out, anxious
A: Spin in overthinking, eat off protocol, overusing the phone – constantly checking email, text, whatsapp, and Instagram, procrastinating, not doing my tasks for my part-time job, not working on my business; overthinking what I should be focusing my time on
R: I am scattered in my actions and attention

I am wondering if my thought line is ok like this in the unintentional model or do I need to dig deeper? That’s the main thought that keeps coming up in my mind.

I’ve come up with this intentional model.

C: Life – work – business
T: I am in charge of how I spend my time and what I do
F: Focus/control
A: MH1, food protocol, phone protocol, follow through on these, meditate, schedule proper rest time, be willing to feel discomfort, and do hard things
R: Set routine around life, work, and business and creating the results I want in each.

Are my circumstance and result too vague here? Maybe I should do a model for each life, work and business? I’d love your insight.