Feeling good in relationship …

I want to feel good in my relationship and not let the negative actions of the guy I’m dating negatively affect me, such as him not making the drive to come see me when I always make the drive to see him.

I also want to be a priority to the guy I’m dating because it feels good and I don’t want to worry about my relationship so much .. I want to feel confident in knowing that whatever happens, happens. If it does not work out with him, there will be someone better.

But I love this guy and want it to work with him, however, I know I can’t control his actions and I don’t know how much of his negative actions I can continue to put up with.

He says I’m a priority and he calls me every night …
This is not enough for me.

Where is the difference between not having a manual but also having deal breakers?
Are we just supposed to let people do whatever they want and be okay with because we manage our thoughts?

So I’m trying to figure out how much I put up with and what his negative actions say about me.