Feeling & Honouring feelings vs changing them

Hi Brooke!

This is a question I’ve had for a while and I’ve gone back through many of your podcasts and I still feel unsure about this one. Hopefully I can articulate myself properly here…

How long do you feel your feelings before you focus on changing them (ie. changing the T line)? I don’t want a specific time per se, but I wonder, what is the balance between feeling a feeling, honouring that it’s there without jumping straight to bypass and changing the T line and processing the thoughts that are coming up and then making the conscious decision to think a thought that serves you?

I am thinking specifically about the story you told about the time you were feeling shame. It sounds like you sat with the feeling for a little while and let it move through you and then you dealt with it at a later time. How did you know you were ready to process it? How do you avoid getting to the place where you are ruminating on a thought and feeling sorry for yourself, versus giving yourself an appropriate amount of time to go through a human experience and then taking steps to feel better?