Feeling in the R line

Can a feeling go in the R line?

I realized I have some beliefs that carry throughout all areas of my life: money, body, family, home, career.

They are “it could be better, I should want more, that’s not enough, I should dream bigger”.

When I think them I feel sad and think “I should want more, what I’ve done isn’t enough”. Then I try to pick a new goal to go after (when inside I’m like “I don’t even want this”). I look on social media for inspiration of what others have created and start taking to action to create these new goals which over don’t give me the feelings I’m after.

I really want to create a feeling of pride and abundance in the life that I have created and from there decide what I want.

How would I work this into a model?

C – Current Life
T – I am so proud, look at what I’ve created, I have everything I want and more.
F – Pride
A – Enjoy my life right now, take amazing care of my body, money, family life and everything I currently have.
R – Abundance and love of my life

Any help would be appreciated or leads as to what videos to watch would be great. Thank you!!