Feeling “Incapable” In My Career

Lately I’ve been feeling very incapable when it comes to my career. I’ve been singing since I was very young and thought I’d be much further along by now. I’m 25 and my thoughts keep telling me “you’re getting older, it’s almost too late”. This makes me feel panicked and rushed, and it’s obviously not a great feeling. It’s hard for me to choose a thought that is believable and serves me. My thoughts make me want to give up and not take any action because I don’t fully believe I can do it. My model is:

C-I’m a 25 year old singer
T-It’s almost too late. I have to hurry up.
F- Worried
A- Inaction. Not wanting to further my career.
R- No progress at all in career.

Any ideas of some thoughts that might better serve me? Especially something that would help me WANT to take action instead of feeling like none of it is worth it? Thank you!!