Feeling incompetent as a coach

I am a weight loss coach and one of my clients is not losing weight consistently. She lost 4 pounds the first 8 days, then has been up and down and now is back at her starting weight after 2 weeks. I am feeling like I am not doing something right as a weight coach. Here is my model.

C: client back at starting weight
T: I am not doing something right as her coach
F: Incompetent
A: wonder, try and tweak her food protocol, eat off protocol myself
R: I feel bad about myself, she doesn’t lose, I gain a few pounds

C: Client back at starting weight
T: she is responsible for her own weight loss
F: somewhat more detached
A: review her food journal, get help from my own coach and Stop Overeating, me stay on protocol, make suggestions for tweaking
R: client may lose, she has good info, I don’t gain myself

Am I on the right track? I want believe the Intentional model, but not quite there yet…