Feeling Irked

Hello, I’ve been experiencing this C often recently, and I find myself feeling irked. Would really appreciate feedback & coaching on the below model. Thanks!

C: Me saying words to my mom; Her responding to me while watching/reading something on her phone, without looking back at me.
T: She should make eye contact & not look at her phone when speaking to me.
F: Irked
A: I tell myself that she’s addicted to her phone. I try to get her to behave differently by telling her to put her phone away. I try to shame her by telling her that she’s addicted to her phone. I don’t share with her (in the nicer way that I’d want to) that I’d appreciate it if she looked at me (and not at her phone) while she & I are having a conversation. I don’t explore the possibility that perhaps being on her phone is helping her as she’s recovering from her foot surgery.
R: I’m not behaving how I should.