Feeling judged by parents

My parents are 70. They help me take care of my kids a lot now. I’m a doctor and they agreed to accept the risk of exposure to coronavirus that I might bring home from work.

Other than work, I have been mostly social distancing. I see my kids and parents, my 2 nannies and my boyfriend, and sometimes his kids.

My parents didn’t know I was seeing anyone regularly. I took my kids to hang out with his kids because we figured that we have all been exposed to each other since he and I spend time together. And my parents got mad.

I know that they are angry/scared/disappointed because of their thoughts. And I get it intellectually.

They didn’t think there was another family in the mix with us. But I keep feeling so judged/ashamed/guilty. Because of thoughts like “They think I’m being irresponsible,” and “I am doing something wrong by seeing my boyfriend,” and “maybe I am increasing their exposure.” I guess I’m also embarrassed because I think “I don’t want them to know about my love life.”

I’m having a hard time with this and hate feeling like a little kid that’s in trouble and dreading having a conversation with them about this.