Feeling left out

My cousin (Monica), my other cousin’s wife (Laura), and I are close friends, though Monica and Laura are closer because they see each other a lot more often. I’m also close with my other cousin, Drew, who is married to Laura. Laura and Drew are expecting, and Monica has 2 children.

This is the second time they’ve all taken a trip together and haven’t even asked if my husband and I wanted to go along. I think I feel insecure that they don’t actually like me or my husband. Or maybe they thought my husband wouldn’t be up for the task because he has a bad back. Whatever the reason, they didn’t ask and I feel hurt.

I know it’s because of my thoughts that I feel hurt and insecure. I don’t want to be in emotional childhood and I want to control the things I can. How can I approach this situation from a healthier place, and what can I do differently?