Feeling left out or excluded

I realized the other day that i interpret many situations as being excluded or left out. Literally I think that in many situations I may be excluded.

Massive a ha.

I don’t know why or where this started but i see now that these stupid thoughts are driving so much anguish and pain in my life and I am using some sort of manual on everyone.

Yikes. Im actually so excited about this as it could change so many aspects of my life.

Here are my models. I want to find a good string new thought but am not loving anything yet.

Additionally, in a situation where it does seem apparent I’ve been excluded … how do i act differently? For ex, there are conferences for my side business and often the women in my “group” don’t include me in meals, etc. If i witness this again do i rely on the new and intentional model and just move on?

C Included during social/work engagements
T I am often excluded because I don’t fit in
F Rejection
A Talk shit in my head or to others
R approach situations as a victim

C Included during social/work engagements
T I am included in the right situation by the right people
F Neutral
A Approach situations with better energy
R Not affected by thinking I’ve been excluded