Feeling left out

Hi Brooke

My husband and I have different interests, I am a introverted and like being home with just him and my daughter. He is not an extrovert but he does like being around particular friends of his which I do not have anything in common with. He is particularly good friends with the wife, he and her have a lot in common with things that I know nothing about. I feel left out. I feel as though he prefers to spend time with her and I get all creepy and needy when I feel like this. I would like some advise regarding how I can change my thoughts around this issue. I have tried feeling and allowing myself to feel jealous, angry, hurt etc but can’t seem to move past these feelings when I think of him and her spending time together. My model at the moment looks like this:
C – husband and friend spending time together
T They have more in common than me and him
F left out
A needy
R I dont have much in common with husband

C Husband and friend spending time together
T he prefers to be with her
F unwanted
A bitch, snarky
R i am not nice to be around

Thanks 🙂