Feeling like a bad dog mom …

I often feel like I’m a bad dog mom because I work two jobs and can’t give my pup as much attention as I’d like. I have conflicting thoughts around this and am seeking help with neutral thoughts around it.

Thought Download
1. I’m not good enough of a dog mom.
2. I should pay more attention to my dog.
3. At least I get to work my second job from home and spend time with her then.
4. When I’m not with her she’s be given excellent care by my parents.
5. I feel selfish to visit my BF a few times a month without her.
6. She will only live so long.
7. I should be spending as much time with her as I can.

My dog is pretty independent and I’ve been using Monday hour 1 to schedule time with her but am in my first week of MH1 and am still figuring out what is best for her. I was supposed to pick her up this morning from parents who are watching her for the weekend but due to traffic going home I decided to stay at my BF’s an extra night.

I choose to work two jobs to give my dog and self a better life and I realize I choose my other decisions.