Feeling like a victim explains everything?

I’ve really been working on the idea of living my life “on purpose”. I know that I have indulged in a lot of worry, stress, indecision, and overwhelm in the past few years, which I answered with various forms of buffering. The underlying thoughts are things like – it’s too much, I can’t handle it all, I don’t have enough time (or energy), I can’t decide, I don’t know, or even more immature like I don’t want to/I don’t feel like it. I don’t think I have ever realized before today that all of those things piling up on my plate are things that I have chosen. Instead, I have felt like the external world is throwing things at me and I am a victim to the whims of whatever is happening around me. So in response I behave childishly. What I’m exploring now is the extent to which other frequent and indulgent feelings – like anger, frustration, annoyance, etc. – are also caused by my feeling victimized. I think I’m taking other people’s behavior personally. My boss (or family or friends or whoever) shouldn’t do that or be be like that – so I take it personally and feel victimized because they are not serving my needs. This all seems to be so simple yet so huge – a major shift in my perspective of myself and the world around me. FYI – this all came about from watching a coaching call where a woman felt like she was just surviving her life. I totally saw that my life perspective until now has been as a victim trying to survive in an ever changing world, trying to keep up, stay afloat, etc. Consider my mind blown! Thank you all for your amazing work.