Feeling Like A**

Hi Brooke,

I get that dissonance comes from training ourselves to believe a different thought while being surrounded by the visible results of what we’ve believed up until now. And I know you say during the process we’ll feel like ‘ass.’ I thought that meant we’d feel bad, off, weird, uncomfortable, out of sorts; whatever other term you can think of for just not feeling like our usual selves, our comfortable selves.
I am committed to establishing my coaching practice, I am up against it financially and this is the longest/farthest I’ve ever gone in my life into starting a business without giving up and getting an office job.
For weeks I have been feeling like something is wrong. I have a sense of, not foreboding exactly, not that something bad is going to happen; I have a sense of dread, like something bad has happened or is happening now.
Is this part of what you mean by feeling like ass and I just need to move through it and not buffer? Or is this an intuitive insight to which I must pay attention?
Thank you, I really appreciate the way you present your ideas.