Feeling like ass

I’m reminding myself that as I move towards my goals, I’ll feel like ass along the way.

I keep having two thoughts:
1. I can’t work and feel this way at the same time
2. This is miserable, and I can’t stand it

After I think these thoughts, it’s like the thought “I can’t” just goes on repeat as long as I’m doing the tasks that bring up all the negative emotion.

As soon as I hit this negative feeling, my brain jumps into problem solving mode and wants to manipulate my circumstances. I want to quit my job every time I hit these uncomfortable feelings.

I’m open to other job opportunities, but I don’t want the reason I leave be because I’m running away from difficult emotion.

The “I can’t” thoughts, create fear and a fight or flight response.

How do I still take the action my prefrontal brain planned on with my brain in fear and panic mode?