Feeling like i deserve a bonus at work during this time

Having a hard time going to work early and staying late – then feeling entitled to some sort of bonus/raise…

C – came in 1 hour early today
T – I should get a bonus for coming in early and staying late multiple times, esp now
F – entitled
A – complain to others that management doesn’t care about us, feel like a victim, don’t feel like its fair
R – still thinking i’m entitled to a bonus for the extra work

C – came in 1 hour early today
T – I’m helping my patients get their necessary treatments (chemotherapy)
F – Needed? Essential?
A – Realize i’m lucky to still be working and getting a paycheck, realize my patients are at greater risk for getting the virus since they are immunocompromised, wanting to work harder to keep them safe
R – I am helping delivering treatments to my patients during this difficult time and they trust me