Feeling like i have to hurry up

Hi Brooke. I’m listening to coaching calls and trying to work the model. I’m discovering hidden beliefs And finding that to be very helpful. One place that I’m stuck and need a little help with, is to find a new replacement thought for something. I am embarassed about how I look today and by how much I weigh. I have some low-level anxiety and panic that I won’t be able to lose weight fast enough and ironically that keeps me from being able to fully embrace my protocol. I feel like I’m on the verge of untangling a huge knot so I’m excited about that. I recognize the irony in letting the thought I can’t go fast enough sabotage me from making any progress at all. Before you ask- yes! This is something I really do want! And yes I really do feel ready. I’m just trying to find that slippery thought thats keeping me stuck. It has something to do with shame and I’m just not sure how to think clearly