Feeling like I’m working for free

Hello! Thanks to coaching, the last 2 years at work, I have been CRUSHING it. I get so much done, and it’s given me a lot more time to innovate new projects. In these last two years, in addition to my regular marketing communications job, I’ve taken on managing internal processes, expanding our webinar program by 50%, managing social media across the company, writing blogs, producing videos, and supporting brand management by redesigning collateral and presentation templates. I amaze myself with everything I’m able to get done and produce at such high quality.

My problem is, I have asked for a raise or title change 3 times, and it has not has come through. I know I am providing a lot of value to the company, and I want to keep providing it, but I also don’t want to work for free. Many of the jobs I’m doing were supposed to be temporary until they hired someone new. It’s been a whole year, and there is zero indication they are actually going to hire someone. I’ve told them I could take on these tasks and would do a great job at them, but I’d like them to review my job description and update it appropriately to reflect my new tasks. They never did, for months. Eventually, I took the initiative and wrote up a new job description and title for myself and passed it to my manager to give to HR. It’s been 2 weeks, and I haven’t heard anything, so I’m planning to follow-up with them. Any advice? I’m living this model right now:

C: Manager asks if I could manage the blog
T: I’m sick of working for free
F: Angry
A: Send her a message back that says I can do it, but we need to clarify my job role if we are not going to hire someone new
R: I do the work and get paid less than I want to for it (?)