Feeling like weight loss is out of my reach

Thank you for you response to my question about constraint from a few days ago! I am working on that with some models. Over the past few days my weight has gone up a few pounds. This is a result of a couple of joy eats. Typically as long as I get back to my usual way of eating, I go back to my starting weight. However, the actual number on the scale is higher than it is has been in months.

This triggers a feeling i have had for the past 20 years which is that my weight loss seems to be slipping out of my reach. I know this is not logical, as I have kept my weight within 5-8 pounds of my initial goal weight when I initially lost the weight in 2018. I know what I need to do, but somehow the farther the scale number is from my goal, the harder it feels that I can get there. Kind of like climbing a mountain; I’d rather be closer to the top.

How can I get back the feeling of being in control, and feeling like I have the power to make the change I need?