Feeling loneliness

I experience feelings of loneliness once in a while, and specifically lately. In those moments, I am craving for a social connection – meeting, phone call and I am not in a situation that I have it. It’s is really hard for me to succeed to fill this need by myself, also social connections are clinically proven to be the most (or one of the most) important to emotional wellbeing, we are wired for it.

The model:
c: evening
t: I want to go out and have a drink with a friend or group of friends and have deep, caring, deep conversations, but there is no way for those to happen today
f: loneliness (also – sadness, defeated, weak, fear)
a: rumination about it, thinking thoughts like – it’s so sad/ its say a lot (of negative things) about who I am if this is the situation/self-pity thoughts – hence – its weaken me, I’m not doing things I need to do – like work, or supporting my parents, it really shuts me down totally
r: staying behind in my life – not progressing in all the areas that I need to – cause its just freezes me from doing everything.

The thoughts I want to have instead is – I am loved, I have a lot of support.

But the feelings of loneliness is so powerful over me, and saying that I am loved is not helping so much.
Also, I know, scientifically know, since I am in the field of psychology, how meaningful social connections are. My thoughts cannot replace other people’s care and support. I have a lot of friends, that love me, but in this time in my life – the connections are not so strong, not daily, and this what makes those thoughts and feeling.

What can I do to feel better? To think differently? Thank you!