Feeling my emotions

It’s not that I’m afraid of feeling some of my negative emotions so much as what happens after I feel them. For example, I haven’t been honoring my calendar at all this week and have been overeating every day. The emotions I’m buffering from are tired/exhausted/dread. I get home from work and have thoughts about the work I’ve schedule for myself to do at the house and on my business and one or all of those three emotions come up for me. Then I overeat and watch YT/TV because I don’t want to just feel those. Now if I were to just feel those emotions then I would continue on with what I planned. And in that moment I’m quite aware of that. So my “exhausted” self says “no we’re not gonna feel this emotion through cuz that’ll mean we’ll have to do work”. It’s a cycle I haven’t been able to figure out how to break yet.