Feeling my feeling during the urge

I work from home, and my go-to emotions are getting overwhelmed, inadequate, or stressed during working hours. And I buffer by eating during these times. It has been a couple of times that I decided to feel it instead of snacking. For example, today I told myself “yes, I feel pressed to finish these works, and yes, I think there is not enough time, and I feel stupid, and it is ok; I can feel it.” So I sat down and breathed, but it was so intense. I was getting a headache, and my jaw and neck hurt. In 30 minutes, I had two of these and sat through them. The intensity was gone, but I was still feeling down. So I ate not according to my protocol.

Can you help with this? I tried to explain my feeling to myself, where I feel them in my body, but I don’t think I did any better. I am not sure if I am doing it correctly. Is there anything I can listen to or watch that explains this process? If I am still at work and have to finish things and send them over, I guess I am still stressed, and eating makes it feel better.