Feeling my ‘Feelings’

I am looking for clarification around ‘feeling your feelings’.

My top 3 feelings-worry, exhaustion, and anger. I hate feeling these feelings due to the buffering , isolation from others, and postponing tasks it causes. I also hate how tight I clench my jaw, how tired/ weak my limbs feel, how foggy my thinking is, how l don’t have an appetite, and how I press my tongue against the roof of my mouth.

So this is what I’ve gathered about how to feel these feelings instead of trying to think of a thought to cause a different feeling-
Noticing the actions and results these feelings are creating and noticing the sensations in the body that these feelings create.

Am I missing something on how to ‘feel my feelings’ ? When can I move on from feeling these feelings to changing my thoughts to produce a positive feeling ? Do I need to keep identifying the actions, results, bodily sensations every time I feel these feelings ? When is it a good time to feel these feelings ?
For instance feeling angry in a meeting at work has not produced results I want, neither does feeling anxious when speaking with my boss.