Feeling need for wanted R

I do not understand why, to get the R we want, we should create on purpose the EXACT SAME feeling as the one we think we will feel if we get the R.

When we get an R -> this R becomes our C; Example: wanted R = create my company and earn 100K -> once I have created this R, it is a C: business owner earning 100K

Projected Model (once I get the R):
C: business owner earning 100K
T: I knew I can do it
F: proud
A: create new program – communicate on success
R: I keep developing

So I think I will feel “proud” once I get my R;

However, I do not think that the feeling of “proud” is THE feeling that will get me there;
In my models, it is more about “determination”;

So my question is: Should it be necessarily the EXACT SAME feeling, that we need to create on purpose ahead of time, than the one we think we will get once the R is achieved? Or it could be a different one, and why?

Thank you for your answer.