Feeling negative emotion versus changing my thought

I am confused about this. I understand I am supposed to feel negative emotion 50% of the time, but emotions drive our actions. Does that mean in 50% of time, my actions will be driven by negative emotion -surely these results won’t serve me? E.g. C: my friend’s 6 year old died. T: It is horrendous and could happen to anyone/ my children. F/emotion: Worry/ anxiety

Feeling worry or anxiety does not serve me.

Should I try to change the thought (maybe instead T: it is terrible and I am so sorry it happened but has nothing to do with my children) which will then change my feeling (?sad) or do I accept the negative emotion of worry/anxiety: feel it and let it pass.

I guess I am asking: when do I accept a negative emotion and learn to feel it, or when do I try and change the thought instead?