Feeling of (friend) betrayal

Hello coach! And thank you for being here and helping us all.
I have a question about friendship.
A close friend of mine did something that made me feel a huge sense of betrayal recently. And she tells me that she realizes this, and that she’s deeply sorry, and that she shouldn’t have done it (something that she feels bad about and that she wouldn’t like someone to do to her to her neither) but I don’t understand how she could have done what she did.
And I’m angry, and I’m sad, and I feel incredibly betrayed. I’m dazed, surprised to the max, she’s the last person I imagined doing this. She says she understands that I feel, that it’s perfectly logical that I’m angry and sad. She says that she did something bad and realizes it.
I’m not sure where to start with models to work on this story. Should I make more than one model depending on the emotions? A thought download ? Right now I just want to let my anger burn, and brood, and not talk to her anymore… I can’t forgive. But I know it’s neither healthy nor constructive.
And I’m aware, of course, that you will tell me that she didn’t do anything TO me, that it’s my problem to deal with not hers, that I should have a manual….. But at that point, it’s pretty hard for me to hear that. But I’m trying and I’m opened to your wisdom 🙂
If you can help me, thank you!