Feeling of guilt after complaining

Hi! Since I enrolled in Scholars, one of my goals is to stop giving the power of my emotions to my job. I don’t especially like my job and I think there is a lot of negativity at my work and it used to really affect me. Now it depends on the day, but still I often find myself complaining with my coworkers about my job and I feel guilty afterwards because I feel like it is going against my goal to take back the power of my emotions.

C: Today, during a conversation with my coworkers about the bad atmosphere at work, I agreed that I don’t like my job and that I find the atmosphere at work to be really negative.
T: Once again, I gave the power of my emotions to my job
F: guilty
A: rumination (I shouldn’t have said that; I did it once again; why can’t I just be neutral when people are complaining; why does the negativity at my job affects me; I contribute to the negative atmosphere as well; I’m not better than the others who are complaining)
R: I add a layer of suffering to the fact that I don’t like my job nor the ambiance at work

What do you think? And I’m curious to have your input about complaining… is that necessarily a bad thing?