Feeling of inadequate

This is my Model
C: Person at gym (where I photograph) started photographing
T: she’s better than me
F: Inadequate
A: find evidence of her being better than me, loop about it, buffer with instagram, compare myself, I don’t show up and take pictures when I think she’s going to be there, I don’t ask gym owner if I’m still hired, I don’t try new things, I don’t post stuff on instagram, I worry about other people liking her photos more than me
R: she is better than me because I freeze/stop taking action (I show up weird/not myself)

I like this girl, I want to be friends with her. But I’m all up in my head (there’s more thoughts/models but this is the most prominent one) How do I move through this so I can get to an intentional model? Can you help me create an intentional model?
Thank you!