Feeling on Purpose podcast

Listened to the podcast today on Feeling on Purpose episode #138.

When do you choose to “control” your feelings? How do you decide if the feeling you have is one you want to sit with and for how long? When a feeling comes initially you should not buffer it but take the time to feel it right then. How do you know you are making a healthy choice when you have a feeling (negative or positive) to let it happen or not, thus controlling it?

Is this something you learn over time practicing the suggestions made in the podcast? There are situations where you want to control your feelings (you are in the middle of a business meeting and you feel like you want to start to cry for example). Do you try to revisit that feeling later?

Also there seems to be a conflict between It is OK to feel negative emotions but then it is advise to not feel negative emotions and replace them with positive emotions, you know the 50/50. Aren’t feelings just feelings and the problem may be that we view emotions or feelings in either or negative or positive?