Feeling Overwhelmed By People

My goal of primary focus is to earn $32,250 this quarter through a primarily organic word of mouth coaching business.
Another goal is to go on 1-2 social outings per week. Though I’m not hyper focused on the secondary goal, both goals are about relationships with others. The person I am becoming for goal 1 bleeds right on over to goal 2.

I’ve written 3 models and would appreciate feedback on them.

C – Interacted with about 11 people yesterday via phone, text, messenger, email
T – Interfacing with a lot of people is exhausting
F – Overwhelmed
A – Take a long time to reply to texts, avoid, keep my circle of active contacts small
R – Don’t hang out often. Irregular discovery calls. Growing network feels hard

C – Interacted with 11 people yesterday via phone, text, messenger, email
T – I don’t have the energy nor capacity to interface w/ that many people on the regular
F – Stressed
A – Communicate with anxiety in voice, guard up, not open to connecting that deeply
R – Exorbitant amount of me-time, don’t socialize often, irregular prospect calls.

C – Speak, email, text with 20 people a day
T – I have the capacity and energy to take care of myself AND connect w lots of people.
F – Centered
A – Meditate, ground self, pray, align with Source before during & after every exchange
R – Wide network of active contacts, effectively filter out unneeded and unwanted info and interactions.