feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and not taking care of myself

I’m a health coach. My passion is helping others with weight loss as I’ve figured out what works for me; and I use a common sense approach. I’m trying to streamline how I work and am offering a group coaching weight loss program. I put SO much time and effort in to the program. There are 10 modules, I recorded videos and meditations, PDFs, meal plans, recipes, I do coaching calls, Facebook Live videos. SO.MUCH.EFFORT.

I even tweaked it to make it better already once over the summer, and redid a bunch of the videos. I’ve got people in it now and they’re doing ok; they do better once they get to coach with me.

But now I’ve discovered Brooke Castillo and her model and way of going about weight loss. I feel now I have to redo my whole program and the thought of redoing it has me very overwhelmed, angry, defeated, frustrated. Feeling all the feelings!

and I’m not taking care of myself. I’m spinning out in my mind. I thought I had it all figured out and put a pretty bow on my program, but now I want to redo it all and I’m not doing it. It’s affecting me and I’m eating more, still eating the right things, but too much.

I’ve worked so hard to get my nutrition degree, all the credentials and have realized I have to use what really works for weight loss rather than most of the stuff I learned in school. I have felt “this close” to figuring it out and finally earning a decent living but then I learn something else and feel like I’m starting over. Again and again and again.

I know we never truly figure it out. It’s a journey and we need to enjoy the ride, but I’m feeling down right now and not motivated to redo the scripts and videos I need to do to relaunch my program I have worked so hard on to create and now market.

I’m not doing my 24H plan. I’m not even following it when I do. I say I plan to fast. but I don’t. Before, I could fast with no problem. But now I’m not doing it. Feeling like a hypocrite telling others what to do and I’m not doing the work myself.

I want to go away for a week so I can work on redoing my program but I have a family with kids and obligations and other clients who work with me that I need to show up for.

Thank you for any guidance! I JUST joined SCS Oct 30th, 2019.