Feeling on Purpose #138 – Anger?

Hi Brooke,

I just listened to your episode 138 Feeling on Purpose. I loved it!

I have a question about feeling negative emotions like anger. I understand how feeling fear, dread, sadness etc. on purpose can be very powerful but not sure about anger. I have a lot of anger in certain situations and around certain people, like my mother (sigh) and someone at work.

Do you also recommend feeling anger on purpose and if so, how? Do I think about how the person triggers my anger and feel that? Or should I try to *not* reference something that happened in the past?

The problem with my anger is not I guess the anger per se but how I sometimes react in anger. I always regret it afterwards. It seems so out of my control though that I’m not sure how to prevent the quick knee-jerk reaction/outburst.