Feeling really attached to a belief…

Hi Brooke & Team,

I was doing a model and realizing how attached I am to a belief, almost afraid not to believe it because no matter what intentional thought I come up with, I want to find evidence as to why that’s it’s not true and the old belief is… It has to do with The Life Coach Certification.

I have been wanting to do it since the beginning of the year when I found out about it. I am a coach who is already certified through a health coaching school, but didn’t learn the skills that you teach that I feel so connected to. I also did a year of Spiritual Psychology where we went deep into “processing.” But ever since beginning SCS, I have been more productive than ever, taking massive action and facing some of my biggest fears that I resisted for years. I am sooo grateful and really want to learn from you how to coach from you Brooke.

So here’s where it get’s tricky and where I am attached. I’ve spent a LOT of money on my coaching business- between my certification, a business coach, and my spiritual psychology certification. I have not returned even close to the amount I’ve spent so far. And now I want to do the Life Coach School to become certified as a life coach and to have a mentor as I go through building my business. My husband does not want us to invest in another program until I’m bringing in the money to pay for it, understandably. I have been so attached though, and everytime I get on a call with you or any of your coaches I just want to learn to do what you all are doing. I am always so inspired. So I can’t seem to let this idea of waiting on the life coach school go and here’s the model I came up with…

C: The Life Coach School
T: I won’t be a successful coach without this
F: Urgency, Needy
A: Try to figure out ways to go, do models, try and convince my husband every other day, consider other ways of making the money
R: Scarcity mentality, Wasting time

The thought that I’m attached to is that I won’t be a successful coach without this. I am realizing I am not good at not getting what I want. Can you recommend some new thoughts or ways of working with this?

Thank you so much!