Feeling really passive as a leader

I’m leading a team of physicians and students as a medical fellow. I started at a new site last week and I’ve been really disrupted by the transition.

C: Started at a new rotation site as a fellow, leading the team. Got feedback that I’m behind in terms of leadership skills and I need to work on my patient interviewing skills.
T: I’m so dumb and incompetent, I dress bad, I look bad, I’m a waste of space, the attendings hate me
F: Overwhelmed, “deer in headlights”, in shock
A: Becoming even more passive, not talking very much because mind feels so unrelaxed that I have no words to say
R: Not performing well, not asserting myself

I am new to this whole process. So I’ve typed out my model, but what do I do now? How can I start changing it?