Feeling sad on others circumstances

Hello coaches

I get really disturbed or sad whenever I read any bad news over social media.  Many times I avoid social media since I don’t want to read such news every day and spoil my mood.  I feel really sad when I see someone dying or getting raped and often affects me to an extent I don’t take action and just think about the pain other person has to go through.

C: Read news about someone dying in the news
T: it must be really painful for the family to go through such a difficult situation
F: sadness
A: Read the same news again and again, see how it can be prevented from happening in my life, buffer by thinking anxious thoughts
R: Making my life miserable

Do I have let myself process the sadness?  But I’m wondering why is an unknown person’s illness affecting me so much.  My husband reads about it, feels sorry but moves on with his life.  Am I so weak emotionally?  I avoid reading such news and I’m not sure if it’s a good habit.

Need some help in creating an intentional model and also new thoughts to practice in such situations