Feeling Sad

Hi Brooke,

The past couple of days for me have been really off. I’m not used to feeling sad or down. It’s really weird and then I feel bad about feeling bad which I know you’ve talked about before. I just finished your podcasts on self-pity and fear and so I worked through those questions. I also started your February work and I’m surprised by the fact I feel sad. I’m working on feeling it out and letting it be there the more I relax into it the better I start to feel but I literally have to tell myself to breathe into it, relax into it and picture sadness fluxing around me. If that makes any sense … lol

Here is a model I did.

T: I’m unaccomplished
F: Sad
A: Watch tv, isolate myself from others, stay inside
R: along, nothing has been accomplished

T: It’s only my thoughts in between myself and my goals
A: empowered
A: overcome obstacles one at a time
R: accomplish goals


I then did this month’s homework on this and my thoughts creating sadness are I’m un-accomplished because I haven’t been traveling. I’m locked up in the cold. I’m still in so much debt and my body feels flabby gross and unhealthy.

What is one thing I want to accomplish today: Get back on track

What emotion do you want to fuel this action/result? I chose “flowing”. It stuck out to me and I want things to flow naturally including my sadness. I want it to float freely to and from me.

How can I generate this emotion for myself today?
Let things come as they do. Do not react to them. Meditate when feeling restrictive or tension to my sadness or anything else around me. Examine what needs to get done today and move forward with poise and grace. Love.

What are your thoughts? Am I doing this right? And this whole sadness thing… does it make sense to you?
Thank you for your help and patience! Much love.