Feeling Scared about thoughts related to past actions – how to let them go?

Hi! I will like to have some help with a recurring thought about an action that I made several years ago.

Here is the model:

C: I copied and used someone else’s work for an assignment project several years ago.
T: I am going to get caught about that.
F: Scared
A: I catastrophize about my future and ruminate about possible negative outcomes, get distracted from my current work, and even stop working or I look for evidence on the internet which distracts me from my work. I ruminate between past and future, instead of focusing on the present and what is.
R: I torture my self about being caught, constantly recreate (relive) the experience of being caught. (Not sure about this as the correct result).

Is this model correct?

I understand that I don’t have control over my past actions, and that looping over this will only cause me harm, so what can I do to find some sort of peace. Should I try to be present with the emotion or should I let that go and work on different thoughts and intentional models?