Feeling Shame About an Oversight

A friend recently asked me why I reposted a picture of us at an event on social media without asking for their permission. They also asked why I failed to credit them for inviting me to be at the event. I’m glad that they set these boundaries so I’m clear on what they’d like me to do. This is the kind of open and honest friendship I was hoping for when I started on my journey of growth.

I’m proud of how I handled the conversation but am left feeling embarrassed and ashamed that I didn’t realize they would want me to do this. What if others think the same thing? I’m practicing having my own back in these situations, to learn what I can without spinning out in a shame spiral. I’m thinking I should have known not to do this and that I’m self-involved for not crediting them. Thoughtless and egocentric.

I’m sitting here asking myself what to think now that I’ve recognized and processed the feelings of shame and embarrassment. First off, this is their opinion on how to handle these situations and while I will honor their request not to reshare their photos without asking first I can also decide what I think about crediting people.

My mind is going to the extreme – most of what I talk about has been at least inspired by someone else. Even if I had done it intentionally that still wouldn’t make me a “self-involved person” or a “thoughtless person.” It might have been a self-involved action. I am a fallible human. Why is this so hard for my mind to accept?

I’m spending a lot more time on social media promoting myself and my business and this feels scary and exposing. I guess it’s part of being out there in the public, open to criticism. I want to feel stronger about this risk.