Feeling shame for complaining about circumstance.

With all that’s going on in the world right now with the coronavirus, I’m currently out of work with no return date. My kids are home from school. I’m usually a very busy person with not much downtime in my schedule. I’ve basically went from being someone who was running around all the time getting things done to a stay at home mom that homeschools her children. This is a major shift in my daily life and I feel like I’m not handling it well emotionally. I know this is only temporary until this passes but I’m having a lot of trouble adjusting and I keep feeling very angry about it. Then to top off all of that, I also feel shame and guilt for complaining about it because I know the rest of the world is also dealing with the same things and I guess it just feels selfish to complain.

Is this a normal feeling in a situation like this or could this possibly be revealing something deeper that I’m not dealing with? I would love to know how to stop feeling shame and guilt for the way I feel about this. I know it’s not serving me in anyway.