Feeling stuck managing husband’s moods and not being there for my kids

I feel like I didn’t show up for my child in the way she needed because I was too worried about her dad and how he was going to be able to get through the event.

C: My daughter wanted a party with her friends for her birthday.
T: I don’t know that I can do it all
F: Overwhelmed
A: I did a lot of work with myself including writing models on why I have a hard time with birthday parties, I talked to my husband about the upcoming event and listened to him complain about how much he hates parties. I made requests to my husband about what he needed to do so I didn’t have to do it all. I changed the event day and ended it earlier.
R: My daughter had fun but at the end, the kids wanted it to continue and be a sleepover as we had originally planned. I just listened to them and explained that I couldn’t change it back to the original plans this late at night. I feel bad that one of the things she really wanted (sleepover) with a few friends is one of the things I didn’t deliver on because I wasn’t sure my husband could handle it well and I get tired of managing his behavior.

Thanks for reading this and providing some input.