Feeling Taken Advantage of

Thank you for coaching me yesterday on my thoughts of being taken advantage of in my marriage and the anger and resentment those thoughts generate. After watching the call replay, I have more thoughts and questions. I am consciously looking for and finding positive thoughts and contributions that my husband makes – yea. That does help break my cycle of negative thoughts. Still wondering about the manual I have though, especially with routines and responsibilities. I am tired of picking up after everyone. I would much rather sink my efforts into creating exciting things in my work, spending time on me for a change (SCS, etc), than focusing my efforts on taking care of everyone else. Am I trying to get to a place where I am not tired of picking up? Or where I can just accept the mess without anger? Or decide if doing that specific task is worth the time/effort to take care of? I haven’t missed the big picture – I can see that this is my work, and how I need to spend time on me, etc. but am afraid I am still not heading in the right direction. Thanks again. Believe it or not, there is no toilet paper again today 😉