Feeling tense during dinner

Hi, I have done quite a lot of thought downloads during meals recently. My meals are often seasoned with feelings of 1-hurry 2-worry 3-agitated 4-excited 5-tensed, which also often intermix. Most of the time, in the past I have chosen to continue eating while hoping that during the meal their intensity decreases.

C: Dinner time. Intense feelings 1-5
T: I might very well have to wait 2 hours if I want to eat with a feeling of calm. I don’t want these to interfere with my schedule, maybe they go away during the meal
F: hope
A: go on eating
R: go on eating. Then beat myself up for having been afraid to stop & processed them

Looking at this, the most reasonable thing looks like to try to stop instead. When I do, however, sometimes I am able to allow, sometimes I fall into resistance.

I am also reacting to the feelings with the action of stopping, which carries the negative consequences to have my meal procrastinated, and my schedule changed in the moment.

I am confused, in this example what is actually allowing (AL) and what is reacting (RE) in this case? It looks like I can do both AL&RE while stopping but also while going on eating. And both of these options carry some unwanted consequences.

Could you please help me clarify this? Thanks