Feeling terrible about not being responsible for a meet-up group I organized

I started an online virtual meet-up group and totally loved the experience. I connected with a bunch of like-minded individuals and because I am the organizer of the group, I took a sense of pride and joy. I did a lot of things for my group and personally devoted my time, resources and energy into fostering the group morale. I noticed though recently, a lot of members are no longer as active , which makes me feel discouraged, feeling that I am not doing a good job coordinating the group. In addition, I also find that I am losing interest in continuously fostering and spending money and time to maintain the group as well. I secretly feel terrible about it because I know a small number of people in that group still want to have that community and want to get together from time to time as a group. They expect me as the organizer to do that for them. (I know as I can sense it and being hinted on the idea). What should I do in this case? should i honor my own feelings or should I cater to the members and push myself to do it?