Feeling the unintentional model

I’ve been reading the coach answers here, and I’m seeing lots about not resisting the unintentional model.

I’m a long time listener to the podcast, and new to scholars. Just listening to the podcast I assumed the work I’d do here is building, believing, and experiencing new models. And I jumped in trying to root out my unintentional models as fast as possible.

What does it mean to not resist the unintentional model?

After two weeks of doing models, I’m frustrated that is not “clicking.” I think I’m trying to escape negative emotion, and change my results to change my emotions. I think it’s some kind of thought loop.

How do I relate to and engage the unintentional model? What does it look like to move from the unintentional model to the intentional model?

I know “I should have results by now” is a thought that’s creating the same unhelpful emotion getting me the same old results.