Feeling threatened, intimidated

10 days ago, our mailbox have been destroyed among 50 mailboxes in my building hall.
Yesterday, I found eggs thrown against my window among my neighbors’s windows.
I can’t help but feel threatened by some invisible enemy. I’m quite scared that someday we are going to have big troubles (I don’t even dare writing what I’m scared of what people can do to us)
I’m living in quite a poor neighborhood and I look like everything is going fine on my side so thinking that maybe there are some jealous people ready to do me and my family some harm, sending us some warnings?
Or as I am on some dating applications looking my best, some guys here believe that I’m acting like a ho?
See, my brain can find many reasons why some people would intimidate us but in reality, we did nothing wrong to anybody, not talking bad about anybody, minding our own business, but always very polite and friendly with everyone. We are a very discreet family living here for 25 years.
How could I manage this situation, I feel so insecure.
Thanks in advance for your help.