Feeling Tired

I have been following my daily no sugar no flour food protocol for 2 months and have lost 14 pounds with 9 more to go. Two days a week I eat for 8 hours and 5 days for 4 (usually just one meal those days). I’ve noticed I tend to be tired AF in the evenings. It’s all I can do to make dinner and eat with my family and then I’m good for not much besides watching TV or scrolling through social media before falling asleep. I don’t have energy for projects at home that I want to do or for going out. This is not new to the new eating plan as I used to leave work extremely late and feel the same, but then I thought it was from overworking. Now I’m not overworking as much and still feel lethargic physically, but only when I get home from work. I’ve tried playing with cutting back wine (I allow 2 drinks per night) without noticing a difference. I’ve assumed the physical feeling is a C sort of like feeling cold or hot. Is it my thought that is causing exhaustion and what might I ask myself to discover it? Or is it just a case of learning to suck it up and do important things even when I don’t feel like it, which is how I live during the daytime at work, usually. My current model is C – I’m exhausted after dinner at 8 pm T – I’m never going to get my projects done F – overwhelm A – Write more things on the calendar and either not adequately plan for them or be too slow or too tired and not do them R – projects don’t get done. Intentional model C -same. T – maybe my C is a T F – possibility A – ask a smart person to help me R – discover a new approach to try